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Company Wide Branding


Company Wide Branding for Fortune's 100 Best Companies to work for 2017

A massive undertaking for my department each year is our support for the Fortune® and Great Place to Work® possibility. We work with our HR teams to produce top notch art. For the 2017 year, I was the Creative Lead on the project. I coached and directed a stellar designer who reported to me while communicating with our department head and key stakeholders in HR and our executive leadership team.

Over the nearly half a year process, we created several concepts and worked our way up the approvals ladder. We refined the designs as we pulled help from 72 and Sunny, our studios, and other divisions within Activision Blizzard. We shifted as the direction shifted always offering our expertise and recommendations.

I cannot stress enough what a pleasure it was to collaborate with everyone who touched this project. Keeping everyone on the same page was my main concern. Proactive communication to multiple high level members of our organization was key in gaining the necessary approvals. We ended up with a character first, balanced, and engaging design that screamed off the page in the final issue. I love the stress, headaches, and sweet relief this project brings from start to finish.

All of the properties seen on this page do not belong to me and are only represented here to show work already done. I do not own any of these assets, and they belong to the respective copyright owners.

After the main issue

Following the branding, if we are selected to be on the list, we are able to execute both digital and print assets to celebrate this achievement (ex. PowerPoints, lobby wraps, web banners, recruiting collateral, email signatures, social posts, social skins, internal messaging, one page ads, etc.). Some of those assets are below.


Email Signatures

Web Banners at multiple ratios

Web Banners at multiple ratios