Jack Martin Design
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Branding Solutions

RedEye Securities

I thought it would be interesting to combine the idea of a nervous "up all night" feeling with the menace of a robot or camera's "red eye." This look and feel would create confidence and familiarity with a consumer; however, it would intimidate an intruder more than a typical security company. This brand would touch on a subconscious fear of being actively watched as opposed to just being an alarm system.

Gold Forest Grocery

This take on a supermarket brand tries to evoke an embedded in nature feel. Ignoring the obvious green and earth tones, the look is pure and premium without being superficial. The hope is that consumers will connect with the idea of gathering ingredients from the "best place" focusing less on the item but more on from where it comes. "Gold Forest" The shadows on the trees and "grocery" serve to pull in the viewer and force the "embedded" analogy. I just love this blue.

Royal Brand Gyms

What do you do with a single brand that does two things well. This was an exercise in pulling two separate paths out of one brand. In this scenario, Royal becomes a nutrition brand while Lions Gym focuses on the brick and mortar locations. The original colors and banner tails remain on both sub-brands, but Royal has more contrast and a darker overall feel. This change should help it stand out among the brighter, high key brands that populate the nutrition space. It also stays more true to the darker original Royal Gym logo. Lions Gym a similar transition but with a brighter more gold badge and a thicker inner border. It should more so allude to a lion's head and mane.

Southern California Wildfire Update

Well, when I left California and LA specifically, it was basically on fire. I just threw this together as a brighter option to keep everyone informed. There were a few days when I didn't know if I'd be waking up and evacuating the next morning. I like the trees on the banner. If I was to spend more time on this, most importantly I would adjust the proportions and attempt to add more of a read to the main badge.